At Research Data Solutions our aim is to help our clients use data effectively in a range of contexts. Amongst the services we offer are:

  • assisting clients to collect, analyse and report data according to their needs;

  • conducting research on our client's behalf, then analysing and reporting the results; and

  • advising clients how to make effective use of the data they have and to identify data that they need;

  • workshops on topics such survey design and analysis, choosing research designs and statistical tests and using SPSS to analyse your data.

To date, Research Data Solutions has helped a range of organisations and individuals in the following ways by:

  • conducting reliability analysis of a range of survey tools including Organisational Effectiveness Consulting's Culture First tool;

  • assisting in the design of survey tools for organisations to gather data to address specific questions of interest;

  • analysing and reporting survey data for organisations, providing recommendations based on the survey findings;

  • providing post-graduate students from a range of different disciplines, such as Nursing, Exercise Science and Psychology, with advice and assistance relating to research design and analysis.

Whether you need help with planning your research project, performing the correct statistical analyses, or want someone to analyse your data or conduct your research for you, Research Data Solutions can assist you.  Our end-to-end service for research projects helps ensure that research efforts are appropriately focused and implemented successfully.